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I thought I ought to post something to prove I'm still alive.

Fear not dear friends, I have just been having computor problems, but I shall return with news and other wonders very shortly

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Book Update 2015

2015 promises to be a great year and an important one for me. Some of you may have noticed that my previous high output of books has tailed off a little bit of late. This isn’t anything to worry about. It is all part of the plan, and there are two very good reasons for the tail off.

I always intended to get a few different books out there to give new readers something else to come back to if they enjoy one of my books. It’s a little lighter on the comedy titles than intended, but these are the more complicated and difficult to write.

However, the plan was always to pause and concentrate for a while on marketing to get my books known. This isn’t just using social media, although you will have noticed more activity from me, but also by getting involved in book signings, for which I am also arranging merchandise, including these Eva T-Shirts.

So what about the books?

Religious Pursuits

My first title and dedicated to my little Emily, is Religious Pursuits. A comedy novel very much in the Tom Sharpe mould which tells the story of a village policeman who sees his world fall apart after an accident and the village change forever as incompetent detectives, the paparazzi and even the army descend upon them with hilarious results.

Wicked Perspectives (Red Edition and Black Edition)

This was my first erotic title, and the eagle eyed among you will notice that the two versions have different authors and slightly different prices. It IS the same book, but there are subtle differences inside. The black edition has links and samples from other erotic authors, as do all the I. T. Heurtze books. All my future self published erotic titles will be I.T Heurtze books by the way to differentiate my titles more.

Wicked Perspectives is a collection of erotic short stories based either on real events, or in the majority of cases story requests from girls about their fantasies. This book puts you in the role of the lead lady and you experience everything she does in delicious detail!

I am looking now at story ideas to start work on Volume Two, and if any of you are brave enough to tell me your fantasies you might find you influence the contents.

Ages of Sin

The clue is in the title, but again is an anthology of short stories focusing on the theme of age differences. Not just older guys with younger girls, but more imaginative and there is a cougar on the loose here too!

The Young Wife

This novella came about after a brief but very strange chat with a bloke on a chatroom when I couldn’t sleep and boredom had kicked in. What if the guy got what he was looking for? Well I make sure there are a few surprising twists along the way to keep you turning the pages.

Bollywood Nights

This is my first novella published by a publisher, and thanks to House of Erotica for having faith in me. Currently only available as an ebook, but if enough people say they want me to I shall get it released as a paperback in time for summer.

It is a completely made up story, but came after I promised my friend and real Bollywood Star Bhairavi Goswami a story set in India, and behind the scenes in Bollywood. Thus the book is dedicated to my gorgeous friend, and you should take time to check out her films and comedy sketches posted on her Youtube channel BhaGoTV.

Bollywood Nights tells the story of Prya a rising star in Bollywood and her adventures of a passionate nature after meeting a mysterious English man.

So that’s most of my books and you will find all the above except Bollywood Nights at my first book signing event of the year in March, The Orchard Book Club #PeterboroughAuthorEvent2015

You can find links to all my Neil Winnington books on my Twitter page @NeilWinnington or using the following link...

...and the I.T. Heurtze books on the following link...

Of course I will be taking some books, but if you want to ensure a copy of your favourite title let me know by pre-ordering using the link below…

To round things off, there will be announcements to follow about other book signing events I shall be attending. All to be confirmed, but the other reason I alluded to earlier for the reduction in output is that I am helping a very special lady called Amanda China to write her own first novella called Bruna.

It is a very steamy erotic story and I don’t need to give any plot away to convince you just how sexy this tale of a lustful Brazilian girl who uses men as disposable pleasure toys will be. Amanda isn’t disappointing, and she just sent this pic of Ipanema Beach which features in chapter two to give you a flavour of the locations.

So 2015 will be a major year and I hope to meet as many of you as possible at book signings in the coming couple of years or so.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Living with a Quantum Saloon Part One

Back at the end of the last Millennium (come on... It wasn't THAT long ago!) I produced the Worlds first TV series dedicated to kit cars or custom cars, pre-dating The Cars the Star by a year, and we're STILL the only magazine show to drive and review them.

The kit car market has been squeezed from its diverse heights in the 1980's back to it's strongest sales areas of track day cars and replicas as the major manufacturers have entered more and more niches. So what has become of the practical alternatives the industry used to offer up?

Recently I decided to look at how some of the cars we covered have held up in second hand values, and was shocked when I visited the Quantum Owners Club website to find how cheap the Saloons have become.

Before I go on, you can see our report on the car in part two of this episode (and all the Kits 'n' Cruisin episodes can be found on the Men and Motors youtube channel)

To put this in perspective, Quantum were (and are) at the zenith of the high quality kits lifting the industry reputation and designed with real engineering flair. The saloon was a composite monocoque, essentially replacing the bodyshell of a Mk2 Ford Fiesta with a more stylish and stronger shell that wouldn't rust.

Most saloons benefitted from XR2 running gear, making them quicker than their donors, and a combination of lighter weight and subtle changes to the suspension geometry meant better handling too, while losing none of the practicality of the donor car... In fact the interior re-used the dashboard, seats and door panels from the Fiesta, so you were essentially sitting in a production car interior.

The saloon body added even more strength as well as a bigger boot, so if anything a Quantum is even more practical than the donor Fiesta.

It's aged well too! Look at the car in these photo's... Does it look 19 years old? Most people I have asked in a non scientific straw pole also thought it is worth £5000, £6000 or £7000 yet this engineer built example, with a factory fitted sunroof and interior was for sale on the Quantum Owners Club website for £1,200!

At the same time Robin Hoods, Dutton Pheatons and other two seaters, which don't match the Quantum for quality are selling for £3-5000 because people are looking to kits for track day use, and ignoring the more practical designs.

I was so shocked I told my Father, cursing my luck for not having the funds to buy the car before it probably gets sold, but he too thought it was ridiculously cheap and decided to buy it for himself.

It was always our intention to do running reports on the kits we were building as the series went on, but it wasn't to be, so this I suppose is my chance to put that right, and we really are putting our money where our mouths are... or at least the old fella is.... For now, I am an interested if slightly guilty bystander.

The club put us in touch with the owners son, who was very concerned about finding the right owner for the car. Once satisfied with my Kits 'n' Cruisin credentials, he put me in touch with his father and I in turn introduced my father and they arranged a test drive.

It was then that Alan, who built this excellent example explained that recently some younger car "enthusiasts" had started buying these rare kit cars to scrap them and use the mechanicles to restore Fiestas!!! I commented along the lines of they probably go into art galleries with Stanley knives too!

He also seemed relieved that we genuinely loved the car, and the deal was done, and today I went back to collect the car for the old man.

First impressions back up my memories of the car. These things are much stronger than most steel monocoque cars due to their composite construction (70% stiffer per KG than steel) and you can feel that rigidity on the road. It's hard to explain, but you just feel it.

The CVH engine, which was always a gruff little engine growls through a sports exhaust, and compared to a modern hatch with so much sound deadening material you can barely hear anything you do realise you're in a car from another era. The same applies to the gearbox and non assisted steering, but I prefer the latter anyway because this car really does communicate through the helm like no modern hatch does.

You can still hold a conversation inside, and if you wanted you could always fit sound deadening material yourself. I like the car as it is personally.

It feels completely stable in cross winds, and trucks fail to blow this featherweight off line too, so you really could enjoy a long run, although adults would feel a bit claustrophobic in the back.

I was under strict instructions from owners old and new to take it easy as the car had not been run much recently, so I really did take it easy, and stuck to motorways. I rarely ventured past 65 miles an hour except to overtake fueding artic's, and I noticed the car came together and settled down even more around 70-ish. As time goes on I could comment more, but all the signs are good for this rust free classic kit to last another 19+ years with us!

So every so often I will post an update on living with the Quantum, to show that there really is no reason why it wouldn't make a good alternative to a family wanting a strong, safe and distinctive car. I have also asked Alan, who built the car to write a guest blog on what it had been like living with it for the first 19 years.

Watch this space and you never know there may be more announcements to come... The number of looks the car got driving back... IF I put my Amazon author page on the side.... Hmmm I need to think carefully how I could sell that idea to the old fella haha!

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

News... Press release... Law Commission recommendation to criminalise parental unlawful retention

Unfortunately the British media failed to pick up on this extremely important piece of news, which comes too late to save Emily, but would have made a huge difference at the time...

Here's the press release from Reunite International. After you read it I shall explain how it might have helped bring Emily home, it may even have changed the perceptions during the court case where I failed to prevent Emily's mother from taking her from the UK...

Press Release

Reunite International Child Abduction Centre welcomes the Law Commission’s recommendation to criminalise parental child abduction by retention.

Over the last 18 months, reunite, our Legal Working Group and our All Party Parliamentary Group on Child Abduction, have been consulting with the government to make wrongful retention a criminal offence, prosecutable and punishable on the same basis as abduction by removal, and the Law Commission's recommendations are a huge step forward in bringing about a change to legislation.

reunite's statistics indicate that approximately 40 per cent of all abduction cases are in fact wrongful retentions; ie where a parent takes a child overseas with the other parent's consent (or in accordance with a court order) but subsequently refuses to allow the child to return home at the end of the agreed or authorised period.

Whilst abduction by removal is a criminal offence, abduction by retention is not and so a large number of left-behind parents have no recourse to the criminal process or the assistance of the police, and statutory authorities are not necessarily empowered to act as they can in abduction cases.

reunite believes the impact on children and left-behind parents in a retention case is no less, nor any less deserving of criminal process, than where there is a removal.  Parental child abduction, whether by removal or retention, is recognised as a form of child abuse and causes real harm to children who potentially suffer great emotional trauma by suddenly being ripped away from all they know and being denied contact with their left-behind parent and extended family.  As the law stands at present, children who are retained outside of the UK are not offered the level of protection afforded to children in other abusive situations.

So how would this have changed things in Emily's case...?

Emily's mother strung the court along for months after the deadline of December 2008 for Emily's return to the UK with letters claiming either she or Emily were too ill to travel, and kept me from going to Russia to collect Emily and bring her home by saying "I can't guarantee Emily will be here when you come..." and "I won't sign a letter giving you permission to take Emily out of Russia..." and "I won't give you copies of our Marriage certificate and Emily's birth certificate so you cannot get a British passport for her, and I won't give you her Russian passport!"

Yet in April 2009 I got a phone call from her, saying she was coming to the house I was renting to collect possessions with the boyfriend soldier who broke us up (She later told me he had been terrified I'd found out he'd been given a promotion ban by the army and re-posted abroad for targeting married women for sport) so I rushed home and immediately called the police... refusing them entry to the house, after having received threats from him and because they'd abducted Emily.

The police arrived after they did, and she said her boyfriend had paid for her to travel for a two week holiday with him alone as a birthday present (I'll let you draw your own conclusions why and what he wanted) but that Emily couldn't come because she was "...too sick in hospital!"

Obviously my first reaction was that she was lying, and the second that if Emily was in Hospital what the hell was she doing coming for a sex holiday with him???

Anyway the police accepted their claim and told me they couldn't arrest her or her boyfriend (Who'd driven them to the airport and contributed to and encouraged the abduction) because she'd been given permission to take Emily on "Holiday" and that it was a case of unlawful retention and not a clear cut abduction...

They escorted her into the house, which I was to shortly lose having just been made redundant, which I'd explained to her, but when I wasn't looking she not only took clothes for her and Emily, but also went into a draw and took one of my old payslips, which she later used to claim in a Russian court that she should get half my wages. My claim that I'd lost my job fell on closed ears and they not only stopped me being allowed access, but stripped me of my parental rights, after which there has been no contact and no help from the FCO or anyone other than Reunite International.

You can see for yourself how if this change comes into law it would save another child, or at least allow prosecution of the perpetrators...

Chief Executive Officer of reunite, Alison Shalaby, said:

"In the interests of children, left-behind parents, and of justice, there could and should be a change to legislation so that all left-behind parents have access to the assistance of the police, the criminal process and statutory authorities to ensure the swift resolution of cases of wrongful retention.  

"We would like to thank Sir John Stanley MP and Stephen Timms MP, Co-Chairs of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Child Abduction, for supporting our efforts to change legislation.  We will continue working together to ensure the Law Commission's recommendations are advanced by the government and legislation is changed to better support abducted children and left-behind parents."

Stephen Timms MP, Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Child Abduction said:

"Our concern around this anomaly in legislation comes in the context of a very marked increase in the number of cases of international parental child abduction in recent years.  There should be equality of treatment for what is essentially a serious criminal offence striking at the heart of family life, and in the individual interest of the left-behind parents and abducted children who are victims of retention."

I would like to thank Alison and the Reunite team for their tireless efforts to help we parents going through this nightmare, and more importantly our children who suffer so much. I would also like to thank Stephen Timms MP and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Child Abduction, and ask, PLEASE let this be but a first step. There is a long way still to go!

Please share links to this blog to everyone you know, and please support Reunite International, and write by all means to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Child Abduction to show that these children matter. They are our most vulnerable citizens yet our most forgotten.

Send your support
I have been working to leave a paper trail for Emily as well as trying to raise money for Reunite International. There are several ways to support both these endevours...

Please visit listen to Emily's song and watch the videos to find out more... The song can be bought from Amazon or I-Tunes by simply searching for Emily's Song by Sam Blue, and with enough dowloads we can start raising money at last for Reunite...

During December 2014 I will donate 50p for every paperback copy of my comedy novel Religious Pursuits bought during the month... here's a link to order your copy.

Every single share of these links, visit and download makes a huge difference
Thank You

Neil Winnington
@reuniteemily on Twitter 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Secret Santa's Indie Book Giveaway and Orchard Book Club Authors Event

Now here's something I am very proud to be part of... 70 Authors (So far) have donated 79 titles as a free giveaway to some very lucky readers, and a copy of my very own Religious Pursuits is part of the package...

Here is a list of the authors contributing so far...
Taylor Ann Bunker - Witch In The Woods
Donald Wilson II - Cross Roads
Rose Montague - Jade
Colleen Gareau - Sam(uel) and My Mother's Summer Vacations
Mika Jolie - The Scale (Martha's Way Series)
C.K. Dawn - Cloak of Shadows
Wesley Morrison - Let No False Angels
D.M. Cain - A Chronicle of Chaos
Suzanne McKenna Link - Saving Toby
Ash Krafton - Bleeding Hearts
Peggy M. McAloon - Elle Burton and the Secret Portals
Ksenia Anske - Irkadura
Dylan J. Morgan - The Dead Lands
Kristen Mott - Odie the Stray Kitten
A.S. Washington & De'Quan Foster's - The Twelve
Adam Dreece - The Yellow Hoods: Along Came a Wolf (Book 1)
Lori Crane - Oaktibbee Creek
Lori Lesko - Copyright
Johanna Harness - Spillworthy
J.S. Snow - Redemption
Mikey Campling - Trespass The Darkeningstone
M.J. Fahy - The Magpie King
Neil Winnington - Religious Pursuits
C.J. Morrow - The Finder
Danielle Prophet - The Opposite Of Gravity
Robin MartinDuttmann - Zoo on the Moon
Rochelle Campbell - Fury From Hell
Christina McMullen - Going Green
Paul David Chambers - Manners Cost Everything
Clara Grace Walker - Gratification, Gossip and Redemption
W.M. Calloway - The Xenton Chronicles
Christy Heron - Unrequited
Josephine O'Brien - Shared Skies
Mark Victor Young - Once Were Friends
Patrena Miller - She's Not Worthy and The Road
M.E. Walker - The Finding
HJ Lawson - War Kids
Elizabeth Guizzetti - Other Systems
Jo Bissell - Beyond the Reach of Judgement
Suzette Brown - Alzheimer's Through My Mothers Eyes
Kirby Howell - Autumn In The City Of Angels
Michelle A.Picarella - Livian
Jessica Keller - Saving Yesterday
Elena Sandovici - Dogs With Bagels
K. M. Herkes - Controlled Descent
A.T. Russell - Sacred Puppies
David P Perlmutter - Wrong Place Wrong Time
Jennifer Gibson - Sway, Compass and Destiny
Kory M. Shrum - Dying for a Living and Dying by the Hour
Adrienne Thompson - Your Love is King
Pete Buckley - The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk
Chess Desalls - Travel Glasses
Ed Ireland - The Last Ranger of Sarn & Blood Moon Sacrifice

Not a bad list, I am sure you'll agree and sure to rise...
How do you enter? Easy. Just click on this link, log on using your Facebook account and you're entered...

As if the spirit of good cheer wasn't enough, I will also be attending the Orchard book Club's author event in March, along with 30 other authors ready to sign copies of our books and in the evening there is a meal and a ball. I shall have copies of my books on my table of course, as well as these T-Shirts and other merchandise...
...There's a version of the t-shirt without the red hearts too haha...

Links to buy tickets are here

If you bring a copy of any of my books (or those by I. T. Heurtze) I will sign your book and give you a 10% discount on all the other books on my table as well as the T-Shirts.

I look forward to seeing you all and don't forget to follow me on Twitter @NeilWinnington

Monday, November 10, 2014

The British Economy and EC situation explained… Sort of…

David Cameroon and George Osgood were old school friends who inherited a business called UK.Con. They were also members of a business club called the EU that their friends didn’t like, so to look clever to their friends they would keep having tantrums in club meetings and threatening to take their toys away, which made them very unpopular with all the other club members.

Once upon a time the family business used to make things that people could use, and an ancient ancestor enrolled the business in the European club so they could sell more of these things to other club members. Before they joined they asked all their friends if they should, and everyone agreed it was a good idea.

David’s Great Grandmother Maggie didn’t like the club much, because the other members didn’t always agree with her and she hated anyone who disagreed with her. The only people she hated more than the stuffy old men who ran the club were her own workers, so she decided to sack all her manufacturing workers and change the family firm into a financial business selling dodgy financial products to her friends and other club members.

Realising that the stupid bitch was planning to take away competition from their own manufacturing businesses the club members agreed to give her business a rebate on her membership fee if she promised NEVER to make anything useful again… and Maggie thought this was a wonderful thing and told all her friends she had tricked the stuffy old men in the club!

Maggie was happy because she didn’t have to deal with workers anymore, and by giving money to her friends she made sure she bought their loyalty long after she finished ruining the business.

When her favourite son took over the family business after all her other kids said they didn’t love her any more things got so bad that the workers collective who used to represent the factory workers Maggie used to employ briefly took over the company from Maggie’s greedy family, but they realised that the company was making plenty of money selling dodgy financial products, so they didn’t bother starting to make useful things again.

After they started fighting among themselves they became indistinguishable from Maggie’s family, and someone somewhere noticed the Emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes, and also that the company had a massive pyramid selling scheme that had no real money to pay everyone if they asked for their money back… Everyone asked for their money back!

Maggie’s family, now led by David Cameroon seized their chance to take over the company, and set about telling everyone the previous management had really mucked things up, even though their own family had invented the very pyramid scheme that had bankrupted the company.

In order to make some more friends Cameroon and Osgood told everyone that the very workers Maggie had made redundant were stealing money from the company, and that because of them and their representatives who’d lost all that money all the poor people couldn’t have money at all, so the rich people could have even more.

They argued that rich people getting richer would give money to the poorer poor if they learned to dance and jump very high. Unfortunately the very poor who were disabled couldn’t jump at all, but Cameroon and Osgood said they were all pretending, so they came up with a scheme where disabled people who learned to jump could earn money and all the rest would have their money taken away to be given to the rich!

In spite of the efforts to demonise the poor, some of Cameroon and Osgood’s friends got even greedier, and wanted to leave the club and keep other club members out of their garden. This put pressure on Cameroon to stop playing nicely at the club, so he took all his toys home and stopped being nice. The other club members carried on playing without him, and said he couldn’t play games if he wasn’t going to play nicely any more.

The club members were playing monopoly and noticed that Cameroon and Osgood had been doing a bit better than them, and because the club rules said that everyone shared their pocket money they presented Cameroon and Osgood with a bill, pointing to the rules of the club that Osgood and Cameroon hadn’t bothered reading.

Cameroon spat out his dummy and told all his friends he wouldn’t pay, and that he would throw stones at the other club members until they gave up! Not being very good at throwing though Cameroon only managed to smash up his own greenhouse, so he sent Osgood to beg the other club members to not take all their pocket money away.

Osgood being such a nasty little creep who’d upset everyone in the club even more than Cameroon, stood no chance and the club members said there’s no way he could get what he wanted, so Osgood burst into tears saying that everyone hated him.

He made such a pathetic spectacle, that the club offered to give George the rebate the family business had received ever since Maggie closed her factories a little earlier to help him out… so long as he stopped snivelling. They also said he could pay the bill in two installments to give him time to find some more poor people to rob.

The rebate was half of the bill they’d been given and Osgood made an even bigger spectacle of himself by bursting into tears and promising never to be such a prick again.

However, being the slimy little shit that he was he called Cameroon and they told ALL their friends Osgood had negotiated to pay half the original bill and had gone into the club and beat everyone up!

One day Cameroon and Osgood, Maggie and their dodgy financial products will really finish off their company, but too many of their friends are lining their pockets to care, and the Emperor is still walking around naked!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Guest – Eva Compton-Snort in “Meet my Main(ish) Character” Blog Tour

My guest this week is Eva Compton-Snort, one of the main characters in my comedy novel Religious Pursuits.

I was tagged by my friend and fellow author Scarlett Flame in a little game called…

Meet My Main Character Blog Tour

The rules are simple...
…The taggee must write a post answering the same seven questions about their main character… then the taggee becomes the tagger and nominates five other authors… Sort of like a chain letter with the potential to become a global virus. (hmmm not sure about that last bit… but…)

Rather than be predictable I thought I would introduce you to Eva, who was originally planned to be a peripheral character, but such was her personality she ended up becoming a pivotal character as the book developed…

…So now, meet Eva Compton Snort.

1, Tell us a little about this main character. Is she fictional or a historic person?
The thought of Eva being a historic character is quite frankly scary, but thankfully she is entirely fictitious.

With Religious Pursuits being set in a village I needed a village gossip, but to make her more interesting, so I gave Eva a wartime back story which went a long way toward developing her character, strong will and desire to get what she wants with ruthless efficiency, yet looking all the while like a harmless old lady.

2, When and Where is the story set?
The story is set sometime in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s in a fictional village in Devon.

It could have been anywhere in Britain, the main ingredients I wanted in my village being the policeman, vicar or reverend, village gossip, poacher and at least one randy couple having lots of affairs. All things I’ve noticed in villages I’ve lived in.

3, What should we know about her?
We do see two very different Eva’s in the book. Always ruthless, but a change of circumstances in her youth could have given us a very different Eva by the time our main story begins. I really like young Eva, and feel a great deal of sympathy for older Eva. You need to decide for yourself, but she has a lot of fans among my readers.

4, What is the main conflict? What messes up her life?
It is Eva’s unusual thought processes and strange logic that leads to her mis-interpreting events happening around her. Her natural reaction is to assume the outside attention drawn into the village by other events is the net closing in on her. The efforts to find out for sure and to cover her tracks as she sees it are her undoing, but Eva never goes down without a fight.

As I alluded to earlier though, we discover that past events give us a lot of reasons to have sympathy for her. A few twists of fate change everything set the scene for Eva to take centre stage once more as the book reaches its dramatic and funny climax!

5, What is her personal goal?
Eva is naturally suspicious and has a desire to know everyone else’s business, largely to make sure her own secrets remain just that. In the village this is relatively straightforward, but as the story develops and outsiders invade her space Eva’s tactics backfire spectacularly and create some of the funniest scenes in the book.

She is a survivor more than anything, and she has learned the hard way that in order to protect herself she has to make personal sacrifices and to keep people at arms length, yet fate could have dealt her very different cards to play with.

6, What are the titles of your novels, and where can we read more about them?
If I’m strictly accurate, Religious Pursuits is the only completed novel I have published. Here is a run down of my titles to date…

Religious Pursuits: Comedy Novel (Paperback/Kindle)

Bollywood Nights: Erotic Romance Novella (Ebook)

Ages of Sin Erotic Anthology

You can find these books on my Amazon authors page at the following link…

or look out for my pen name I. T. Heurtze for more erotica

Wicked Perspectives- Volume One Erotic Anthology

The Young Wife         Erotic Novella

They can be found at the following Amazon authors page…

I am currently co-writing a new Erotic Romance novel set in Rio de Janeiro called Luciana.

After that will come a road trip erotic story followed by a new comedy.

7, When can we expect your next book to be published?
I am writing Luciana and am about one third of the way into it, so I would say it will be released after The Orchard Book Club (@OrchardBookClub on Twitter) book signing event I am attending in Peterborough on March 14th 2015.

...Now for the bit where I get to nominate five other authors... All very supportive and worthy of a closer look by readers...

The first is a very charming man. He even writes under the Charming Man title and can be found on Twitter @charmingxman and

The second is a very supportive Author, who has already achieved deserved success and comes highly recommended, not least by me. Charity Parkerson can be found on Twitter @CharityParkerso and

Another extremely supportive author is Maria Savva @Maria_Savva who does so much to support others as well as being a very talented writer in her own right.

Jake Malden @JakeMalden1 has again been very supportive in promoting other authors he has also been gaining a following for his erotic titles. You can find his blog at

Last but by no means least is Pippa May @pantsdownabbey who is definitely the author to follow if you like your bodices ripped and historic shenanigans. You can find her blog at and she comes highly recommended.

As you will already know from my answers earlier I am attending the Orchard Book Club book signing event on March 13th. I shall be blogging details very soon, so keep following my blogs for that, and later I will announce some exclusive merchandise available only at the event!